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Amsperry Health Care pvt Ltd with registered office at kochi is a leading marketing arm of branded generics with over hundred brands in pipeline.The company will establish firm footholds by the year 2014 to be a leading player in all the therapeutic ranges like Gastroentrology,Diabetology,Orthopaedic and General range.
Amsperry Health care provides 100% quality medicine from leading manufactures having WHO GMP certified plant of an affordable cost.
We are inspired by the renowned psychobiologist and Nobel laureate — Dr. Roger Wolcott Sperry; he has made numerous contributions in the field of medical science and has pioneered a new chapter in psychology. His contributions have opened new pathways for research. He has made profound discoveries in neuroscience and won Nobel Prize for the split- brain research.We are looking forward to make pivotal contribution in the lives of patients by providing better healthcare at an affordable price.

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We have a quality control department that allows us to maintain quality by putting each and every stage of production through several quality and process inspections. All pre- and post-production activity is watched over by our staff, from the acquisition of raw materials to final delivery of the products.

Our Team

Our teams of qualified labour are skilled in performing multiple operations while guaranteeing the exact level of quality product needed. Long-term experience has given our experts the required knowledge of different medical items and how they are made, enabling them to offer the most useful products.


The will to create superior things of superior quality must exist; quality is never an accident.

Our dedication to providing world-class products and customer service includes quality as a core value.

Quality is never accomplished by accident; rather, it is the end consequence of the management's systematic and scientific adoption of the Quality Policy. The sites where our manufactures are located are regulated by a "Quality Management System" that is founded on the standards stated in the "Company Quality Policy" and the "Quality Manual." The goal of the quality management system is to assure compliance with cGMP standards, as well as with laws and regulations governing the production of pharmaceutical products, as enforced by National and International Governing agencies. This helps to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality ability.Top management has a mandate for quality and support it, and everyone in the business is responsibility for it. A strict quality policy is maintained by regularly updated systems, procedures, and an experienced personnel.

Environmental Policy

At Amsperry, we integrate safety and security concerns into our plans beginning with the design phase.